Recycling and repurposing is our mission. Through consignment, we do our part in the circular economy by reducing the fashion industries’ yearly impact on pollution. Our sustainable solution is to entice customers to buy pre-loved from our repurposed, near-perfect luxury goods.

If you would like to consign with us or to find out more information on what consigning is really all about; we would love to hear from you!

Simply send us an email at with descriptions of your items and photos.



    1. Send an email to consign@retyche to receive a quote 
    2. Receive a quote in 24-48 hours
    3. Send us your items via prepaid shipping label or local Montreal drop off
    4.  By shipping your items via prepaid shipping label, you agree to our consignment terms and conditions. RETYCHE is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen packages that may occur during the delivery process.