Hey there, luxury lover!

Interested in joining Retyche’s official affiliate program?

From buying our first designer pieces from pre-loved bag collections to becoming experts in the second-hand market, RETYCHE™ was founded by a group of sustainable fashion lovers. We are committed to offering pre-loved gems while contributing to the circular economy! Our collections are carefully curated, authentic, and luxurious. Our mission is to make luxury relatable - offering you current designer trends at modest prices. 


A little more on RETYCHE™:

Re:Repurposing, Reusing, Rediscovering

Tyche:Goddess of fortune, chance, and prosperity

RETYCHE™: Giving our pre-loved finds a second chance, remaining on-trend while expressing your personal style. 

By choosing to join the program, we are growing together. We only make money if you make money! We will reward you with commission on every purchase that's made as a result of someone clicking on your unique referral link or using your unique code. Your audience will also be provided with a discount code. And when you create content with Retyche, we will also be happy to feature your photos on our social media platforms with our combined network of 30K+ followers.  

Retyche Perks: 

  • Product (bag) selection from high end luxury designer brands
  • You make 3% commission on every sale
  • Your audience will be provided with a 15% discount code
  • The opportunity to be featured on Retyche’s social media platforms
  • Highest earning annual affiliates will have the opportunity for further sponsorships and promotional opportunities!

Requirements to join the Retyche Team:

  • 10,000+ followers on Instagram
  • Content is fashion, beauty or lifestyle focused 
  • Located in the US or Canada
  • Must be following @re.tyche on Instagram

Bonus Requirements:

  • Experience creating video content (TikTok, reels, IGTV)
  • Familiar with consignment
  • Loves sustainable, luxury fashion 

Content Creation Requirements:

  • Affiliates are required to select product and adhere to branded posting and style guidelines
  • Bonus content may include IG stories (4+ frames)
  • Instagram content must tag @re.tyche on the photo and in the caption, plus the hashtags #RETYCHESTYLE #AUTHENTICLIKEME, in order for Retyche to track all content created. 
  • Any Youtube and blog content must link back to the Retyche website 
  • All content must be uploaded to our Retyche g-drive (link will be shared upon approval) before the end of the month for accounting purposes and re-sharing opportunities