The RETYCHE™ team is a group of young females who are inspired to change the rules of luxury fashion. Coming from diverse backgrounds, we've taken our expertise to design a business;  creating a fun, thrilling and relatable shopping experience.
Meet our Co-Founder, Rita!
1)Favourite bag: Currently, in love with my Chanel Vintage Backpack. I find it so practical while remaining stylish and classic at the same time.
2)Education/Experience: I studied accounting at HEC Montréal and completed my CPA. Before fully becoming an entrepreneur, I worked as a financial analyst for L'Oreal Canada. I worked within the luxury division which emphasizes my love for high-end brands and products.
3)Fun fact about yourself: I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with my husband before we got married. We were looking for a challenging trip to do together. Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. It was an unbelievable experience.
4)Favourite travel destination: Without a doubt, my favourite destination is Greece. This country truly offers everything from food, scenery, weather, people, culture and the perfect mix of fun and relaxation. 
5)Fashion inspiration (person or publication etc): I have to admit I get a lot of inspiration from TV - Keeping up with the Kardashians and Sex and the City. Lately, I have been rewatching Gossip Girl and the fashion is just so on point!
Meet our Co-Founder, Rim!
1)Favourite Bag: The ABCDior Lady Dior in Lambskin, it has personal flair while always being classic. I'd accessorize mine with my sons initials and an oversize strap, making it my forever bag. 
2)Education/Experience: I have a B.S in Chemistry from Université de Montréal and a D.E.S.S in Buisness from HEC. I worked in skin care at GM Collin as a Director of Clinical Research and in Marketing at Beiersdorf, before becoming a serial entrepreneur. 
3)Fun fact about yourself: I was a Girl Scout for 15 years, it really made me the person I am today. It taught me to be a leader and team player. I was so shy to tell people at the time as I thought it was perceived as "uncool" but today I am so proud of it. 
4)Favourite travel destination: The only place I would travel back to every summer is Greece. My favorite part is Athens, i'm a city girl at heart. I love what the country has to offer - the food, the islands, the lifestyle, the ouzo and mastika! OPA! 
5)Fashion inspiration (person or publication etc): I'm an avid reader of BOF and my favorite fashion icon is Carine Roitfeld, she is raw, authentic and fashionable with a French touch. I love her style, how close she is with her family and how she includes them in her projects. 
Meet our Director of Operations, Angela!
1)Favourite Bag: My Vintage Gucci GG Supreme Canvas Web Crossbody from an early 1980 anniversary collection. It was my first ever designer bag and will always hold sentiment to me.
2)Education/Experience: I have a Bachelor of Commerce specializing in Fashion Management. I have worked within the luxury retail industry for over 5 years now. 
3)Fun fact about yourself: I was born and raised in a small town but have the heart & soul of a city girl. 
4)Favourite travel destination: Rajasthan, India. I will never forget the feeling of awe walking through the ancient streets, amongst all the beautiful colours. 
5)Fashion inspiration (person or publication etc): Instagram - I use the application as my daily source of inspo along with quick access to all the publications I love to read. The Cut, Man Repeller, BOF, etc. 
Meet our  Director of Buying & Consignment, Julia!
1)Favourite Bag: My Chanel Classic Jumbo Single Flap in Lambskin with GHW will always be my favourite and first consignment purchase back in 2011. Currently, I'm lusting after a black Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Bag.
2)Education/Experience: I graduated from McGill in Public Relations Management and I have worked in fashion, music, and PR.
3)Fun fact about yourself: I’ve been working in the consignment industry for almost 10 years!
4)Favourite travel destination: Tel Aviv, Israel. The food, beaches, people, architecture, nightlife - this city has it all. 
5)Fashion inspiration (person or publication etc): NYC - the fashion, art, bloggers, street style and of course, its appreciation for only wearing black.
Meet our Ecommerce & Social Coordinator!
1)Favourite bag: Currently dying to get the Louis Vuitton Bumbag, you can't go wrong with a classic monogram & it's so practical.
2)Education/Experience: I graduated as a Fashion Designer from Marie-Victorin & I am currently pursuing my love for fashion by studying Commercial Photography at Dawson. 
3)Fun fact about yourself: I've always had a love for art & fashion, so when I was a young girl, I use to draw myself almost every night & the outfit I was going to wear the following day, so I could have a visual idea of how I was going to style myself, in other words, the pre-selfie. :) 
4)Favourite travel destination: I love Jamaica, the food & the people are amazing, it is definitely a destination I will be visiting soon again. 
5)Fashion inspiration (person or publication etc): I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest since I love to create mood boards & from music since I am always watching the new music videos on Youtube.