Elevate you style this winter

Elevate you style this winter

While old money looks inspo are everywhere  from outfits to hairstyles and nails, let me guide you through five ways to elevate your style. As we navigate the icy streets, there's a delicate balance to strike a sweet spot where fashion meets function. In these chilly months, let’s avoid the dilemma of resembling a big snowman or looking ridiculously cold.

Invest in Quality Classics

In a world of fleeting trends, investing in quality classic pieces is like building a sartorial foundation. Think of a tailored wool coat, a cashmere sweater, or perfectly fitted denim. These timeless items not only endure the seasonal fads but become a canvas for your winter style evolution. On top of that, you’ll easily add your season’s favs and have endless combinations to choose from.

Footwear You Feel Good In

On top of being functional, your winter footwear needs to make a statement. Find boots that not only will keep you warm, but also boost your confidence. From sleek ankle boots to knee-high wonders, your winter step should be as fashionable as it is warm.

A Bag that Fits Everything and Nothing

Nobody wants to carry four different bags. A sturdy bag that will keep your things organized is essential. Winter necessitates hauling around a little extra—scarves, gloves, perhaps a paperback for those cozy cafe moments, your laptop, notebook. Opt for a stylish yet spacious bag that complements your winter ensemble. A blend of fashion and functionality: it's the perfect accessory for the season.

Elegant Scarf

Sometimes, the only thing that keeps you from wearing that bulky coat, is to have the nicest little – or big – scarf. A well-chosen scarf is more than a neck warmer; it's a style statement. Pick an elegant scarf that not only protects you from the winter chill but elevates your entire look. Whether it's a cashmere wrap or an elegant silk scarf, you’ll be more than happy to have it around your neck. And let’s be honest, owning a nice Hermes carre de soie is a closet elevation on its own. 

Dainty Jewelry

Amidst the layers of winter clothing, dainty jewelry provides a touch of delicacy. Opt for pieces that speak to your style—perhaps a subtle pendant necklace or elegant stud earrings. These delicate details add refinement to your winter ensemble without compromising on warmth.

So, as the snow falls and the temperatures drop, let your winter wardrobe become a canvas for self-expression. Elevate your style with the confidence of a Vogue editor, embracing the cold season as an opportunity to showcase your unique taste. Remember, luxury isn't just about the price tag; it's about the artful curation of pieces that tell your story. Winter fashion is your stage—command it with grace, style, and a touch of playfulness. Stay chic, stay warm!

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