How many designer bags should I own? Just as we avoid the monotony of a uniform, the discomfort of sporting the same designer bag everywhere is real.

Whether you've recently revamped your wardrobe - just like my colleague Peggy - or are diving into the world of designer bags, here are some tips to help you invest wisely in pieces that truly resonate with your style.

So, where do we start? I would advise you to get these 3 bags first:

  • An everyday bag
  • A work bag
  • An event bag

Everyday bag - running errands, catching up with friends.

Investing in an everyday bag sets the foundation for your collection. Opt for stylish handbags and designer purses that effortlessly transition from errands to social gatherings. Start with versatile styles to avoid monotony, and gradually add timeless everyday bags as your collection evolves.

While some of us can switch bags every day, it does come with a certain budget requirement. If you begin by investing in bags from various categories, you won't feel like you're wearing the same bag repeatedly. Over time—and with some financial investment, of course—you can gradually add timeless everyday bags to enrich your collection.

Work bag

Carrying a stunning work bag isn't just about having a stylish accessory—it's about stepping into your workday with a boost of confidence. I find my spirits lifted when I sling on my designer work bag, ready to tackle meetings, connect with clients, and navigate the world. A work bag should be more than chic; it should be versatile, roomy, and able to snugly fit everyday essentials, including that trusty 13-inch laptop.


Elevate your style with a versatile designer bag that effortlessly complements any outfit—from a timeless little black dress to a cute top with a denim fit. 

You can go for a practical strapped bag, the choices are yours: shoulder, top handle, or crossbody—all designed to carry your essentials and add that perfect finishing touch to your ensemble. But there's a certain allure to a pouch that consistently elevates your outfit, regardless of its practicality—it seamlessly complements any look.

As a bonus, for those who cherish weekend getaways and moments away from home, investing in a quality travel bag can be a delightful choice.

Building your designer bag collection is a personal journey. Embrace each addition, curate thoughtfully, and enjoy the process of expressing your unique style. Remember, it's not just about the bags; it's about creating a collection that tells your story.

Additional Tip: Explore consignment services for sustainable and budget-friendly additions to your designer bag collection.

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