The eternal question of “what I am going to wear” echoes through our minds daily, from family gatherings, and dates, to Sunday brunches and simple errands. And the worst of it all:  Navigating through countless options, creating chaos, and rushing out, only to return home to the daunting task of tidying up.
I want to share with you, the steps I followed to declutter my closet and build my capsule wardrobe. Let’s learn together the art of quick outfit decisions.

Navigating through the rush of daily life, we often find ourselves pressed for time when deciding what to wear. The pressure to look good while maintaining efficiency is a challenge many of us face. Even the most organized among us can still have a hard time streamlining their wardrobe. 

Look for Inspiration:

Embarking on the journey to build a capsule wardrobe begins with inspiration. Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok, and blogs will be your best friends to discover styles that resonate with you. Create a mood board to compile looks that reflect your aesthetic preferences. You can mix different styles built off the same basics. For example, create a classy work look with a trench, or go for a comfy sweater look with the same trench.

List the Basics You Need

After gathering inspiration, make a list of wardrobe essentials. These are the foundational pieces that form the core of your capsule wardrobe. Think of classic items like a white shirt, a pair of well-fitted jeans, a versatile blazer, and a little black dress. These basics will serve as the building blocks for your entire wardrobe. 

Declutter, Sell, and Donate

Before adding new pieces to your wardrobe, it's essential to declutter. Assess your existing clothing items and be ruthless in discarding anything you haven't worn in the past year or no longer aligns with your style. Consider selling or donating items in good condition. This step not only clears physical space but also brings a sense of liberation. Yes, even that dress with the lingering tag, the one that sparks a hint of guilt because it's never seen the light of day."

Buy Quality Pieces to Complete Your Capsule

Invest in high-quality pieces to fill the gaps identified in your list of basics. Opt for timeless designs and durable fabrics that withstand trends and the test of time. Quality over quantity is the key principle here. Splurge on key items like a well-crafted coat, comfortable yet stylish shoes, and a bag that complements various outfits. For instance, when it comes to denim, opt for a timeless cut, such as Agolde jeans. 

Complete Your Wardrobe with Accessories and Seasonal Pieces

Accessories add the finishing touches to your capsule wardrobe. Invest in classic accessories such as a quality leather belt, a versatile scarf, and a timeless watch.
And of course, our favourite, a great collection of pre-owned designer bags. Additionally, introduce seasonal pieces to adapt your wardrobe to different weather conditions. Consider items like a cozy cardigan for winter or linen pieces for summer.

Building a capsule wardrobe is a transformative journey toward a simplified and intentional approach to fashion. By seeking inspiration, listing essential basics, decluttering, investing in quality pieces, and incorporating accessories, you'll craft a wardrobe that reflects your style while minimizing decision fatigue. Embrace the power of a curated closet and let your newfound simplicity redefine your daily dressing ritual

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